CNOOC is devoted to providing the society with higher quality energy products and marketing services in safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly ...


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What We Do

  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Development

    CNOOC always puts oil & gas exploration and development high on its agenda in an innovative manner to stabilize and further its business development. CNOOC continued to strengthen the oil and gas exploration and development, has made extensive breakthroughs both at home...


  • Engineering & Technical Service

    The engineering & technical services sector is the solid foundation for the sustainable development of the oil & gas business. CNOOC highlighted reform and innovation, strengthened technological research, and actively explored the market, so that the...


  • Refining & Marketing

    The refining and petrochemical segment is an important part in CNOOC’s industrial chain and value chain, but also an important guarantee for CNOOC to build the international first class energy company with Chinese characteristics. CNOOC Oil & Petrochemicals emphasized safe production and green development....


  • Gas & Power

    Natural gas and power generation segment has become an important part of the mid- and downstream business of the Company. Accelerating the development of natural gas and power generation is in line with the restructuring of national energy consumption, but also the most promising profit-making business....


  • Financial Services

    Based on the Company’s industrial development, our financial services focus on the integration of industry and finance, strengthen the risk control, actively innovate financial products and services modes, expand the service network, optimize the information system, strive to improve the value of our...


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